About Me

Hi! I’m Jules. In a previous life when I only had one kid I used to blog, then I had a million more kids and didn’t even find time to pee. I recently found my love of writing again somewhere in between not sleeping and binge watching Netflix. (Yes Netflix, I am still binge watching Gaby’s Dollhouse) This led me to try and forge some kind of very part time writing career!

Taking the plunge to submit my work to anyone but myself gave me the confidence to find more places to write. So here we are with my blog page that took me months to make because, kids. I might post every day, I might not post for weeks. Parenting and life is HARD! Finding time to do anything other than being someones snack bitch is HARD, so finding time to write posts will be HARD, but I will do it, I promise! I’m here to help you navigate the minefield that is parenting and life. can find me on instagram @this_is_jools_ and occasionally TikTok.

Let’s hang out!

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