Review: Simply Beauty By Rebecca

I recently had the absolute pleasure of visiting Rebecca at Simply Beauty. I’ve been struggling to find a decent beauty salon since my regular beautician disappeared into thin air so I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived for my appointment.

Hidden away in a vibrant area of Cardiff, Simply Beauty is an idyllic salon attached to her home. I messaged Rebecca to let her know I was there and she unlocked the private gates to take me through to the salon. Walking through the door, I immediately felt relaxed. The salon boasts neutral colours and calming decor. With her softly spoken voice, Rebecca made me feel at ease from the moment she greeted me.

Simply beauty has a vast array of treatments which are all very reasonably priced. Eyebrow treatments range from a simple eyebrow shape to brow lamination and lash lifts. She also offers waxing, massages, facials, mani pedis and fake tan treatments. By far one of the most affordable salons in Cardiff.

I chose the Lash and Brown Tint with Eyebrow Shape. I’m someone who cannot do small talk so an hour long treatment is not usually my vibe, but talking to Rebecca felt easy, even with pauses in the conversation it didn’t feel awkward at all. She gently prepped my eyelashes and carefully tinted them. Previous eyelash tints have always made my eyes sting and water but with Rebecca’s precision and gentleness I had none of that. My eyelashes were the exact shade I had requested. When it came to my eyebrow tint and shape, rather than go all in with the dye, she applied a colour and allowed me to decide if it was dark enough and happily applied more when I requested, leaving me with the perfect colour. She was even able to cover my postpartum eyebrow hair loss. I have the lowest pain threshold so waxing terrifies me and leaves me eyebrows so red but the things we do for beauty! I’m not sure if Rebecca has magic hands or magic wax strips but it was quick and painless with minimal redness. Once I had been waxed she swiftly plucked any stray hairs and I was done. A perfect hour long treatment that gave me perfect eyebrows and lashes and left me feeling so relaxed.

A week on, my tint is still going strong and showing no signs of fading. I am definitely converted to Simply Beauty By Rebecca. I walked out of her salon feeling Simply Beautiful.

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