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I Forgot How To Human

Anyone else struggle to act like a normal human being since they’ve had kids? I have no idea how to be a grown up that has regular grown up conversations with regular grown up people any more. Someone please tell me I’m not alone in this? Every conversation I have with my husband ends with…

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I Love You Now Like I Loved You Then

Even in the middle of the night, when we are snapping at each other because we have been woken up more than once by a child that needs us and we are so tired, I still love you like the first time.

The endless school runs and after school activities. We don’t stop, we don’t stop to look at each other. But I still love you like the first time

When I don’t want to talk because the kids are shouting at each other, or shouting at us, or asking a million questions a minute, I still love you like the first time.

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Fill Your Cup

I was going to write a funny blog post today about not being a normal human since having kids, but since Mr 3 spent the morning shouting at me because his porridge is cold (because it had been sat in front of him for 20 minutes before he took a mouthful) and Miss 6 and…

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Miscarriage: The Traumatic Taboo

I am 1 in 4. In May, I had a miscarriage. I started bleeding over the bank holiday weekend. I made two phone calls to out of hours to be told both times, unless I was haemorrhaging or in severe pain, I would have to wait for EPU to call me on the Monday. My…

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The end of the world?

Unless you live in a cave, most social media’s were down on Monday (yes I know it’s Friday but I have kids) for what must have seemed like a lifetime for most people, especially those perky Gen Zers! People who I normally communicate with via whatsapp were sending me text messages like a regular old…

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I’m Keeping My Side Part….Maybe!

I spent months when I was a teenager training my middle parting to become a side parting. Months! It was a traumatic road to getting the perfect side parting, clips, gel, mouse, you name it. My cows lick had to be tamed into that parting. I was happy with my side parting and over straightened…

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